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You can reduce business costs by 90% with office Ankyra. With this method, you can keep your energy and your capital at your work. Our company which carries out its services with the motto of your man in the office, carries out all the assistant services for you. You can contact us for office solutions we developed and specially designed solutions for you.




  1. What is the difference of Office Ankyra, a virtual office company?

    Office Ankyra stands in a special place with its understanding that puts its users in the center of virtual office companies in Ankara. Since 2017, our company has served 200 users. In the services we provide to our users, we were the first to meet the customers ‘customers’ candidates on the phone or physically. We acted in the spirit of these moments to the benefit of our users. Our most important advantage is that we look at the assistantship service as an organic and lively relationship.

  2. What is virtual office? How is my phone traffic managed?

    Virtual office, is an office package that the user uses for business negotiations intensively. This package also has cargo tracking service. All transactions related to your cargo are managed by us. The precise point of this package is phone traffic. If the user asks, he/she may create different welcome scenarios for the phone defined by the name. Each of these scenarios was created by Office Ankyra and the payments of the costs incurred have been made completely transparent. Thanks to the developing technology, a computer based technology called “IP Phone” has been formed. Thanks to this technology, till 100 lines of different numbers can be managed from a single center, if desired. Also even if the user is not in the office, the incoming call can be met by the assistant and transferred to the user later or different scenarios can be created with the options of keying and met by the telephone switchboard. Users can find the necessary consultancy in the Office Ankyra to create a suitable scenario for their business models.

  3. What is the ready office?

    Ready office, is an office model where users can come just by picking up their computers. They have a fully equipped office whose usage rights are completely owned by the user without having to follow the bill or enter into furniture costs.In addition, free catering services that complement the assistant services, is ready for the guests of the users and the users at any moment. Although the user is not in the office, the guests are welcomed professionally. Office Ankyra is responsible for managing the user’s specific needs.

  4. What are the legal basis of the sector?

    The sector is named “combined office management” with the nace code 82.11. It is a completely legal sector approved by government agencies.